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Working on the most effective development methodologies, we cope with tasks of any complexity on time and release products that impress customers with outstanding results.

Development Methodologies

There are many different models of the software development process, and each of them describes its own approach and we cannot say that there is one that is needed to be used in each project, everything depends on the situation. Each company has its own proven ways to provide clients with qualitative services. We prefer to work with Waterfall and Scrum methodologies.


Using Waterfall requires the strict sequential implementation of all stages when every previous one must be completed before the next. Returns to the next steps are not provided. We recommend our clients to use such a system in small projects where the requirements are known in advance and it is unlikely that they will change. Despite the fact that this system is not very flexible, it is easy to use, stable and predefines the budget and deadlines.


Scrum methodology is based on separating the whole process into iterations when each step is ready to provide a demo version of the product. The picture shows that the team goes through all stages of development in parallel, which allows you to have a ready-made part of the project at the end of every iteration. Being a bit complicated, Scrum monitors each stage, gives the developers the ability to adjust during development, and stimulates the established communications among all team members.

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Our Case Studies

Crystal Media Group Limited is a results-oriented organization and it cares about every client. We work with different companies, be it manufacturing companies, financial entities or IT-companies. Our main aim is to provide our clients with the best services – usually, we use our own CRM-systems for this aim. Here you can see how we succeed in overcoming various complicated tasks.

Improved the working process with the help of CRM-system

Our client faced difficulties with the delivery of purchased goods to the warehouse. After we’d helped him using our specially developed application, his revenue rose significantly.

An innovative approach to the website development

Website development for our customer’s company within a short time frame. The website experienced difficulties and needed rapid solutions.

Hackers’ attack neutralization and security system implementation

Our client’s company website was attacked by hackers. She risked losing her important data and a lot of money. We immediately came to the rescue using our reliable tools and measures.

Quality Assurance for our client’s website

Being a serious international organization, our client asked us to provide his new website with Quality Assurance and we did it very well.

Risk modeling (KYC) platform helped to improve business performance

The client wanted to objectively assess the feasibility of implementing a project at every stage of his business. We were asked to provide him with IT-consulting while implementing our product for this aim because his project started to lose its profit and customers, so we helped our client find out why it happened and solve this issue.

Complex E-commerce Website development

A well-known trading company needed to have its website developed. As the site was created a lot of time ago, it needed to be totally changed to fully correspond to modern standards. We used a Complex E-commerce platform developed by our company to assist our client.

E-commerce CRM System development

The client needed to have a system that could serve to streamline the sales process into a single environment, with all documents and details about the job (project) put into a single database. The clients wanted managers and employees to save time and effort in dealing with customers’ requests.

Enterprise Document Management System

The local logistic company was our next client that needed to have a much improved and structured system of document management. We had to create a turnkey information technology solution that could be implemented using hardware and software systems on platforms conforming to a web-based architecture.

Data operating software development

An owner of a private funding institution asked Crystal to develop software for his company that had to satisfy the following needs: data analysis, data validation, and data tracking. It had to match the latest mobile-native and web-based technologies such as Android Development Kit/IOS Development kit along with Node.js and React-native or Angular.js.

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