Risk modeling (KYC) platform helped to improve business performance

Website development for our customer’s company within a short time frame. The website experienced difficulties and needed rapid solutions.

  • The end-user: Real estate agency
  • Sector: The real estate sector
  • Company size: Public Limited Partnership
  • Services provided by us: Website development
The challenge

As our client has just recently started a real estate business, he needed to have a decent website for this aim. Having an Internet resource is a necessity nowadays. An own website significantly increases the company’s image in the potential customers’ and partners’ eyes, because without it, the company will be treated not only suspiciously, but also lightly. Moreover, the business owner needed to rapidly increase the outcome due to certain reasons, so that he needed someone who could help him quickly and qualitatively.

Strategy and Solution

Facing such inquires is a usual thing for us, so we started acting immediately. As we were limited in time, the website had to be simple but attractive. To outline the development process, we created a timeline with different tasks and milestones for the project. We think that it is the right way to track the project’s ability to meet the deadline. We began by gathering the necessary information: the main purpose of the company, its aims, and target audience. With its help, we found out which tools and strategies to use. Then we created the data to let the client understand how the entire site will look like. After consultation with him, we continued the process using mockups. Our designers continued to create the website – they paid attention to Page Layouts, Approval Cycle and Review so after that we had a general understanding of the future project. Then our content managers started writing eye-catching headlines and texts. We used CMS for coding and finished with SEO. The most time-consuming part was testing but we successfully handled this task to satisfy the client.


As usual, we met the deadline – it was one of the most important client’s requirements. As the customer said, we’d almost saved the company. Now he has not only a powerful tool for effectively conducting business but also a virtual office that works around the clock and seven days a week. At any time, the user can visit it and get the needed information. Also, our website allowed the client to significantly relieve the office functioning and increase employees’ productivity. All the parts of the website are customized and well thought out. The subscription form made by us made users receive information about promotional offers, and it helped the client increase his sales, too. The website has an extended functionality while working as an online storefront, that tells the customers about all the services or products of the organization.

The ability to effectively build work and attract customers

After we provided the client with the finished project, he was satisfied because:

Customers learned about the real estate company through the site – the website’s conversion was increased - %
The profit has increased by more than - %
New customers became regular - %