Enterprise Document Management System

The local logistic company was our next client that needed to have a much improved and structured system of document management. We had to create a turnkey information technology solution that could be implemented using hardware and software systems on platforms conforming to a web-based architecture.

  • The end-user: Tech Logistic Enterprise
  • Sector: Logistic
  • Company size: Small enterprise
  • Services provided by us: satisfying functional and non-functional requirements of the document management system
The challenge

The various office automation systems required to address different business and operational functions of the system based on identified Project requirements of the organization had to be developed and implemented. The biggest challenge for us was to deal with large amounts of documents but we successfully solved this problem. Each user class required different qualifications and skills to perform their system tasks, which was required for the different training courses that they would undergo before they start using the system.

The goal

While developing the Enterprise Document Management System, we had to make access rights be controlled and limited by the combination of the security settings and features of the applications, the operating systems (network operating system and local machine), including the web and database server software. Also, the goal was to design the solution to automate some of the employees’ tasks/functions and to facilitate the processing of information managed by the users.

The result

Now, a multitude of departments across the website is benefiting from the system daily, so that they are improving customer service and the time it takes to locate important documents. The rapid search has enabled the client to discover important logistical information. For example, if one of the company’s managers has acted as a signatory on several reports it is a simple process to find all those related documents with that managers’ name attached to them, in case a change is required.