Complex E-commerce Website development

A well-known trading company needed to have its website developed. As the site was created a lot of time ago, it needed to be totally changed to fully correspond to modern standards. We used a Complex E-commerce platform developed by our company to assist our client.

  • The end-user: Exchange trading company
  • Sector: Trade Association
  • Company size: Middle-sized enterprise
  • Services provided by us: Complex E-commerce Website development
The challenge

The owner of the company needed a special tool that had to provide multiple sets of services to the users and to link their requests to the Suppliers chain within the geographical area of the available suppliers. The main task of the website was to make the trading process customized and easy.

The goal

We had to create a Complex E-commerce platform with different modules, such as User’s module, Admin/ Server module, Data-gathering agent, Supplier/ Provider’s module, and Database functionality/ module. With an aim to eliminate the endless hassle of finding a relevant vendor for services, Complex E-commerce is going to be the first-ever one-stop e-commerce marketplace for services. We aimed at creating the platform Complex E-commerce based on the PHP/ MySQL stack (+Node.js, Angular.js), and iOS/ Android application together with its Backend logic.

The solution

The backend solution we found was PHP/ MySQL stack-based, and the project was managed by a server running Apache/ MySQL DB server solution. The software is used for development was the Angular.js/ Node.js/ iOS/ Android development kit which was based on Objective C/ Java. We did our best to make the website useful – it allows customers to register an account, and find available Supplier or Vendor (for different types of home services) in their geographic area, and order products from the available items on the list. The users will be prompted to add a payment source when they process the first order. The Suppliers will be notified of orders and will prepare and ship the products to the costumers. After that, the user will receive a confirmation on his gadget that the Supplier has received the order.

The most comfortable customized system ever

The client’s customers were pleasantly surprised by the new website as it is easy to use, really helpful and customized. It provides multiple sets of services to the users and links their requests to the supplier chain within the geographical area of the available suppliers. It is profitable for our client as well as for his customers – they can order everything they want in two clicks. By the way, all devices that support iOS/ Android 6 operating system will be able to run the software.