Hackers’ attack neutralization and security system implementation

Our client’s company website was attacked by hackers. She risked losing her important data and a lot of money. We immediately came to the rescue using our reliable tools and measures.

  • The end-user: News web portal
  • Sector: Media industry
  • Company size: A small startup
  • Services provided by us: Neutralized the consequence of cyber attack and provided the website with the security system
The challenge

It’s not a secret that today every organization may face the risk of hacking attacks, black hat practices or spamming. That’s why every company needs cybersecurity whether it is private or government company. Our client noticed suspicious activity on her news web portal and asked Crystal Media Group Limited for help. Today hackers pose a real threat to websites’ safety. The device may be infiltrated by spyware that can monitor, record audio and video, infect other computers and manage them. It’s vital to notice its presence as soon as possible.

Strategy and Solution

Without any doubt, hackers broke into the client’s system. Our specialists had to take urgent action to save it. We studied this case in detail, scanned the intranet "dashboard" for executives and managers our client dealt with and started working. We noted any payloads and locations as well as any blacklist warnings. Then we checked core file integrity and discovered a lot of damaged pages so we deleted them all. After this, we used terminal commands on Linux for checking recently modified files and also found some malfunctions.

The transformation

The problem wasn’t so serious so we quickly handled it. The customer didn’t lose money and time as a result. Moreover, we advised on the best way to ensure the site’s security and block hackers from accessing and divulging important data. Of course, the client agreed and we put in place security solutions to prevent hackers’ access, data loss or modification. Now she will take proper care of safety.

A credible, robust system to protect data

After destroying malicious software and addressing the consequences of the cyberattack on the web portal, we focused on protecting all the critical applications that drive the client’s business by implementing our security service. We advised the organization on the measures it has to take to remedy the various deficiencies in all its processes. While working closely with our client, we improved her procedures, policies, and staff training to increase safety precautions.