Data operating software development

An owner of a private funding institution asked Crystal to develop software for his company that had to satisfy the following needs: data analysis, data validation, and data tracking. It had to match the latest mobile-native and web-based technologies such as Android Development Kit/IOS Development kit along with Node.js and React-native or Angular.js. We developed the software that offers clients easy management of all kinds of business data, operations, and platform configuration.

  • The end-user: A private funding institution
  • Sector: Finance
  • Company size: Small enterprise
  • Services provided by us: Developing software for business intelligence that collects, combines, and understands all the data from the company’s Databases, External Apps, Spreadsheets, etc.
The challenge

The client needed software that could help him to understand the profitability of the business and processes through deep data analysis. The Software had to enable the client to get a deeper understanding of the team’s efficiency and effectiveness with dashboards and insights from customer service analytics. The intended software had to provide the functions to improve the customer service. From the customer service data, the user had to be able to generate the different graphs to visualize the customer satisfaction and guide the customer service team to efficiently manage the customer queries. Moreover, the software had to utilize the innovative technology stack to provide an extreme player-driven experience to the users.

The goal

We were asked to develop a solution that had to be operative 24/7. It was required to identify a user by a username and password. The Software had to handle concurrent sessions by the same user without any delay. The data analytics part of the software had to ensure the analyses of profit margin. As all the information was planned to be collected based on data, therefore the client could get to understand how the software worked.

To sum up

As a result, our team developed a solution that will surely help the company to retain the existing clients and generate more revenue. Our project combines a user-friendly interface, a complete functionality to integrate the data from different sources and manages the data in a central place. Data analytics information had to be presented in the form of a pie chart, line graph, and bar graph, which ultimately could help the client to develop a better understanding of data.

Secure solution

We thought about security, too. Cybersecurity is the biggest concern for the business nowadays because the business organizations are constantly getting attacks by the cyber threats. Our software provides a complete information technology dashboard that may help the IT department to track all the IT-related metrics. So, the IT dashboard will help the security officer to aware of all kinds of metrics and performance indicators where threats have occurred.