How to reduce website costs. Part I

How to reduce website costs? The price determination starts with the creation of a web page, payment for hosting, content, and end with the promotion of a resource on the Internet. Not all items of expenditure can be reduced, but in some places, it is still possible to save and quite decently. Let’s consider the most important steps needed for a normal website functioning.

Purchasing Content

This part is quite expensive, since any information on the site is its basis, and high-quality content is expensive. At the same time, it is necessary to fill the site with content regularly, at least once a week. And this means that the specified amount will have to be spent on articles at least weekly.

How to understand how expensive the content will be if it is ordered? Several factors influence this:

  • competition in this area;
  • planned site development dynamics;
  • niche specifics.

Content costs cannot be expressed in specific figures, since in each individual case they will be different.

Domain payment

The site address entered in the corresponding line of the browser is the domain name. The owner also needs to pay for using the chosen name, but not monthly, but annually. The cost of an annual domain lease may vary depending on the name, provider, availability of special conditions, etc.

Buying an HTTPS Certificate

The presence of this certificate at the site guarantees a safe transition for users to this site. If there is no special secure HTTPS protocol, the resource is considered untrusted. Since 2017, such sites have been marked as such by Google.

Nowadays, security is required everywhere, especially on the Internet. And this means that the site owner should take care of connecting the HTTPS protocol.

This service can be provided:

  • for a fee,
  • shareware (the fee is included in the hosting rent),
  • for free.

Attracting specialists to maintain communities in social networks

Today it is not enough to use only search engines to promote the site. To be successful, every company should be present on social networks. Of course, you can manage groups and public pages on your own, but it is better to delegate this task to a specialist.

Payment for the services of an Internet provider

Almost any modern gadget provides the ability to access the Internet. And for high-quality maintenance of your own site, a webmaster often needs to be online. Using the Internet involves certain costs, which, among other things, must be foreseen in advance. Moreover, you may have to use the global network both on a stationary computer and on a mobile device while on the road.

In the next part of our article, we will tell you how to reduce website costs.

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