Internal SEO Ranking Factors

The basis for high-quality promotion is the study of internal factors. First of all, we conduct a technical audit, to make the site convenient, understandable for search engines and your users. We carefully form the semantic core and launch useful, interesting content for customers.

Technical part

A technical audit is needed before launching any SEO project so that you don’t encounter critical errors during the promotion. 90% of the web resources of our clients have such errors, among them:

  • the presence of duplicate pages not closed from indexing;

  • setting up mirrors to avoid an exact copy of the site. There is a risk of losing link mass and falling under search sanctions;

It is also important to check the site loading speed, make sure that the site domain and its pages are indexed.

Semantic core

Your client will “google” your page thanks to a competent semantic core. Then try to get as many target users as possible from search engines. Even if the site is small, try to include there as many keywords as possible – words or phrases that your client can use to search for a solution to a problem and finally find your website.


Another point that can become critical without proper attention is bad texts. Online stores, for example, often go from one extreme to another: they ignore texts and photos in product cards, or, on the contrary, create detailed descriptions with a large number of keywords for each position. Or they fill sheets of unreadable text in the blog and company descriptions.

The structure of a site focused on promotion in search engines is based on the semantic core and analysis of sites from the top. With this approach, each group (cluster) of requests corresponds to a landing page.

The ideal option is to develop the site structure at the design stage. If the task is to promote a site with a ready-made, established structure, you need to analyze it and, possibly, revise it.

A clear and logical site structure is important for two reasons:

1) it will be convenient for visitors to use the site;

2) search engines will index pages faster.

Internal SEO Automation

Internal optimization involves a huge amount of manual work. You will have to involve different specialists: a copywriter, editor, programmer, designer, layout designer, marketer.

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