How the ‘Mobile First’ approach has changed digital marketing and our lives

‘Mobile first is a must-have concept for every business now. The development of smartphones has changed not only the field of development but also how brands interact with customers and how we consume various goods and services. We’re going to discuss this in today’s article.

According to the Mobile-First approach, when creating a website design and interface, developers start from the peculiarities of the screens of mobile devices. Accordingly, first of all, a version of the site for smartphones is developed, and then the design layout is scaled upward (for tablets and desktops).

Unlike the traditional approach, when the design of the mobile version of the site is formed according to the leftover principle, the Mobile First approach initially solves all the problems associated with displaying pages on mobile devices.

But is everything as positive as it seems? In fact, there are also disadvantages. Mobile First leaves little room for creativity. Although there is no need to talk about big losses. Another danger – if there is no version for high-resolution monitors, the site becomes “mobile-only”. It is worth noting that users are not overly supportive of Mobile Only.

The relationship to this version is similar to the relationship to unadapted sites. Mobile First is still not a very popular approach. But this is a very good investment for the future. After all, not much time will pass, and people will “switch” to mobile devices.

As noted above, the Mobile first approach in simple terms means that instead of starting with full functionality for a computer desktop, which is then scaled down to accommodate the scale of other mobile devices, you start with a beautiful and functional mobile site.

Hence, you will have to rethink the user experience from the ground up, considering space constraints, file sizes, and so on. Ideally, there should be nothing extra on your mobile site. To do this, start with the most important, foundational elements and work your way up (a process called progressive improvement).

In the modern world, comfort is highly appreciated. Mobile First is one of its conditions. This is a definite necessity, something that is very important for business. A high-quality mobile version of the resource will help users easily, conveniently and quickly solve their problems, which means that, provided it is implemented correctly, it will certainly be able to bring its owner a good financial profit.

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